Across the globe, health care providers are confronting the dilemma of how to keep up with the demand for health care services while at the same time keeping rising costs down.

The healthcare industry is expanding rapidly worldwide to meet demand, due to a growing and ageing global population. One out of ten people in the world will be over 65 in 2019, and the fight against communicable and chronic diseases is widespread across borders.

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are among the fastest growing economies in the world with rising populations in need of health services. In the United States, health care is projected to be the fastest-growing employment sector over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Factors for growth include a rapidly growing population expected to increase by almost 11 percent in the next ten years, a steady ageing of the Baby Boomer generation, medical advances affecting the demand for healthcare services, and healthcare reform such as the Affordable Care Act.

Many investors want to capitalise on the astounding growth of the healthcare industry in profitable and ethical ways, to provide the benefit not only to healthcare managers but also to patients and their families.
Buying distressed nursing homes or hospitals is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become a health provider without taking on the massive bank loans, investment costs which come with building a new facility.

Here are seven reasons distressed nursing homes for sale are a golden opportunity.

1. Smart investment as global expenditure on healthcare is always increasing, and demand for care is growing.

2. Cost
Building a quality healthcare facility is expensive and requires a huge upfront investment. Skip the building costs and buy or lease an existing location.

3. Assure quick acquisition
Purchasing a distressed hospital allows for fast speed of sale completion, typically within few months from the filing of bankruptcy to the close of the transaction.

4. Existing infrastructure
Your support, patients, and staff are already in place. Renovate, build up and improve, but don’t stress over starting from scratch.

5. Acquire facility free of liens
Purchasing a distressed hospital in bankruptcy allows the buyer to buy it free and clear of all liens, claims, and interests.

6. Faster ROI
Many hospitals are not operationally profitable due to substantial debt is taken on at the beginning of investment. By purchasing a distressed facility, the capital required will be lower, and you’ll turn a profit more quickly than building a new centre from the ground up.

7. Worldwide Availability in emerging economies
There are distressed nursing homes and hospitals available for purchase worldwide. Invest in emerging economies where demand for health services is high and continuously growing.

Unfortunately, many hospitals are passing debt burden onto patients in the form of unwanted medical procedures and expensive bills. Keep your initial costs low to avoid the need to meet revenue targets by upping patient cost.

In doing so, be part of a positive change in global healthcare. It’s time to start pursuing healthcare solutions that result in ethical care by lowering costs for providers and patients.

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